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Vintage Farmhouse Inspired Toy Storage

Vintage farmhouse inspired toy storage @ginaekirk GinaKirk.com


Before I get into the details of why I love this look, I want to say something.

Just because you have kids does not mean your house has to look like a rainbow colored explosion.

I’m not going to judge you if all of your furniture is Mickey and Minnie, but I want you to know that it’s entirely possible to achieve the look you want, and still have a functional space with children!

The vintage farmhouse inspired look seems to be the new thing these days. (I’m actually in love with it!) Our house isn’t exactly a vintage farmhouse, but it was built in the 80’s and has some features that I’ve never been crazy about, until recently.

For example, so. much. wood. Everything is wood trim, and oak, and pine and GAH! It wasn’t until I started seeing rustic and vintage inspired home decor ideas pop up on Pinterest with the mixed wood grains, mix and match prints etc. that it all started to grow on me. Since it’s the middle of winter here in New England, we’re working on some home improvement (and updating) projects like we do every year. This year, we’re tackling phase two of our kitchen remodel, and freshening some other rooms up with new paint colors. (You can follow me on Instagram for progress!)

One way I love to change up a room is simply by adding or subtracting storage options. With three boys, I feel like I’m always hiding toys and games somewhere. You know, kind of like what they do with their laundry. Seriously though, making a simple swap can really add that pop of color, or better yet, finish off the vintage farmhouse inspired look. I pulled together some current items we use around the house, as well as a few items that are on my wishlist for 2016 and I know you’re going to love them!

Vintage farmhouse inspired toy storage @ginaekirk GinaKirk.com

These are 8 of my favorite vintage farmhouse inspired toy storage options, all available at Target!

Threshold Canvas Storage Basket – I have two of these in my living room that are perfect for the assorted toys without a home. One is also used for books and soft toys (I like to keep things organized, okay?!)

Banana Leaf Wicker Storage Basket – I have two of these as well! They are currently sitting on top of my TV table and are the perfect size for storing video game remotes. (Because honestly, those things haunt me!)

Round Seagrass Wicker Storage Basket – I love the look of wicker storage baskets. Something about added color on this one makes it a more vintage-y don’t you think?

Yellow Linen Striped Decorative Bin – Mustard yellow is coming soon to my kitchen, and I had to add these cuties. We use something similar in our laundry room, and I’m dreaming up ways I can incorporate these bins into our first floor. Because I’m loving this color!

Circo Large Wood Milk Crate  These are both adorable and affordable. I love the look of the distressed wood, and am thinking about swapping out some old square canvas bins with these in the near future. 

Galvanized Pail with Rope Handles – Galvanized pails and buckets scream farmhouse inspired to me! I love these because they’re relatively inexpensive and the shape makes them easy to incorporate in anywhere. 

Woven Plastic Storage Cube – I’m back with the wicker. This bin is actually plastic but I love the wicker look and that it comes in lots of different color options, so fun! 

Large Milk Crate Wire Storage Bin – You can’t have a farmhouse inspired home without a milk crate. This one will be perfect for storing sports balls, outdoor toys, or anything big and bulky. 

So there you have it, I can’t wait to share more fun home decor, DIY and projects with you!


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